Investor case study: Due Diligence of a Travel Tech investment for a Private Equity firm


About the investor

  • Large Private Equity firm with investments in technology
  • Interest in disruptive, fast growing companies looking for funding
  • Contacted by a travel tech company raising a large round

The investor's business objectives

  • Complete the commercial due diligence for the investment committee
  • Understand the market trends and the company’s competitive positioning
  • Quantify the market size and assess the team and technology’s quality

Threedot's unique contributions

  • Interviews with trusted experts in the travel industry
  • Insights about market trends, airline needs, and competitors
  • Quality and speed of validation of hypothesis

We were able to deliver the quality and speed of the due diligence because we've combined the aviation expertise and network of Threedot with the robust DD methodology of Asteri. We were able to provide unique insights and perspective that are only available from boutique firms.

Eric Léopold - Founder, Threedot