Travel Tech case study: go-to-market strategy and execution for TravelX


About TravelX

  • Innovative travel tech company founded in Argentina by travel and technology experts, see
  • Developed a solution that provides travelers with more flexibility, by allowing airlines to dynamically manage their inventory
  • In 2022, TravelX raised $17M and hosted a launch event at the Eiffel Tower in Paris; in 2023, the first airline – Flybondi – went live with TravelX solution

TravelX's business objectives

  • Research needs and challenges by market
  • Define product and go-to-market strategy
  • Raise awareness with airlines and collect feedback

Threedot's unique contributions

  • “Dynamic Airline Inventory” concept
  • Interview of TravelX CEO on stage at World Aviation Festival
  • Breakthrough with leading airlines

What I like about TravelX is that they are both a blockchain and AI company and they understand the airline business. They have automated travel contracts by tokenizing airline tickets. They can predict the customers' willingness to pay or change flight using AI. Combining both capabilities they make airline inventory "dynamic".

Eric Léopold - Founder, Threedot