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About four years ago, at the Symposium, IATA presented “project Husky” to explore NDC beyond air with an ecosystem of travel APIs. I remembered this project yesterday when giving a hug to the huskies who took me for a ride in the Lapland forest and on the frozen lakes.

We will cover the topic of third-party ancillaries at the next FTE event in May in Dublin. The vision published in 2018 included:

  • A system of API that connects Air Travel (using Airline NDC), the other modes of Travel (cruise…), hospitality and all kinds of travel services (health, weather…)
  • A current situation (in 2018) where the travel industry had been late to embrace the API economy and could not meet the expectations of travelers looking for consolidated real-time information
  • A solution based on expanding the airline API standard (NDC) to other segments and on partnering with existing APIs

The Proof of Concept was successfully delivered by Finnair, with use cases such as husky sledding and ice swimming 🙂