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The Eagle is a pub in Cambridge famous for the writings on the ceiling by the RAF airmen during WWII (see picture below) and for the revelation of the “secret of life” when Crick and Watson announced the discovery of the DNA. Did you know?

Adam, Glenn and Eric in Cambridge
This pub is also where I’ve learnt from Adam Durant this week about how to effectively eliminate contrails. Contrails are the ice clouds formed by aircraft engine, leaving white trails in the skies. Science shows that contrails have a warming effect on the planet, similar to CO2 emissions (see IPCC report). Adam’s company SATAVIA has developed a model (digital twin) of the atmosphere and a method to modify flight plans to avoid creating such contrails and to reduce the aviation’s impact on global warming.

We live in interesting times where a century-old industry is transforming into a sustainable one, as envisaged during my recent trip to Stockholm. It was indeed a fascinating discussion in an inspiring location. Thanks to Glenn Morgan for the introduction.