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McKinsey have just published a new report “Travel startups: disruption from within – or not?”. There are a couple of things that I like, and that I’m missing in this report:

I like the 10-page data crunching and analysis showing the growth in funding of travel startups, with breakdowns by regions (North American lead), by investment stage (seed, early stage, late growth, public), by business category (money is in hospitality), by time (pre-Covid, 2020-2022), by investor type (VC, PE, angels, corporates)

McKinsey startup report

I like the 3 scenarios going forward: consolidation, emergence of niche startups, and the new golden 20s.

I’m missing:

The names of the next Airbnb and Uber, and the categories to be disrupted. Taxis and vacation rentals existed already, but they’ve been completely re-invented in the 2010s. What’s coming in the 20s?

The names of the incumbents and categories that are ripe for disruption. Think of a Kodak, Nokia or Blockbuster moment in the travel industry. Who will be disrupted in the 20s?

I trust we can count on Threedot’s innovative clients to be one of the disrupters of the travel industry in the 2020s.