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Where your success is our goal

We monitor market trends, we analyze factors impacting the industry, we publish reports and papers.

We focus on providing advisory services to the companies willing to make a difference, restart the industry and help it become serve its purpose in a more resilient and sustainable manner.

Our core offerings

Research & Publication

Threedot conducts research for all kinds of clients, for example on market trends and new developments. Threedot shares the research in reports or directly in presentation to the client. Threedot publishes papers, like the White Paper, under its own name or publishes specific papers sponsored by clients.


Threedot works on different kinds of strategies, for example a distribution strategy for an airline willing to leverage NDC, or a go-to-market strategy for a travel tech startup targeting an airline segment. Threedot combines the access to the best experts and to the relevant source of data, and the use of proven methods to build scenarios and test them.

Innovation & New Ventures

Threedot leads the project from the original idea and objective to the creation of the team, the fund raising and the launch of the product and the first pilots. Threedot provides all the support required for successful development of the new venture, from stakeholder management to the branding.

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