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When asked at a recent CAPA event about NDC in 5 years, Tamur Goudarzi Pour reportedly talked about “Pacman” ? Here is what I would have answered:

? When we submitted in 2012 the business case requesting funds to create a new standard supporting API-based distribution of airline products (code name was “New Distribution Capability”) I had no idea (or many ideas) of what it could look like 5 years later (in 2017) or 10 years later (today) ?

? API-based distribution opened the market to new players, like airline API providers (FarelogixKyte, etc.) and airline content aggregators (DuffelVerteil Technologies Pvt Ltd, etc.). Some players have been acquired, and some may become new independent tech players enabling innovation in the air travel industry ?

? In 5 years from now, #NDC will have surpassed the capabilities offered by legacy EDIFACT distribution (Fares, Availability, Reservation, Ticketing), Order Management (supported by the “ONE Order” standard) will be implemented by leading airlines, and my bet is that we will be talking about what’s emerging today: seamless door-to-door multi-modal sustainable travel, enabled by a decentralized tokenized infrastructure ?