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The proposal #30 in the White Paper that Threedot published last year is called… OpenAI. Yes, like the OpenAI initiative that has just released the now famous ChatGPT ?

In this proposal we listed a few ideas about how airlines could leverage such tools. Here are a few extracts:

The most recent breakthrough of AI, in terms of predictive analytics as described above but also the latest models able to generate texts and music that sound like human (cf. Turing test), deserves the full attention of the air travel industry. (…)

Combining the rise of AI, the track record of industry innovation and the massive disruption challenge, the industry has a unique opportunity to explore solutions to mitigate future crisis and disruptions at scale. (…)

Opportunities, by joining initiatives like OpenAI, for new air travel applications such as human-like robot hand manipulating objects, face recognition algorithms, text generation and reading comprehension, or sentiment analysis and representation.

 The next version of the White Paper may benefit from some ideas provided by ChatGPT ?