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Some travel tech startups offer instant refunds of air travel services. They address the process-centric airlines that fail to provide a customer experience that is smooth in case of travel disruption.

Such process-centric airlines deliver the following customer experience:

? The ancillary service may not be delivered because the ancillary was not “attached” to the booking

? The customer has to submit a claim to get their money back as the airline would not proactively refund a service that it failed to deliver

? More than two months after the flight the airline would provide no news about the claim and refund

? The airline call center provides no additional support, as it is actually an automated voice that points customers to the airline website

It feels like there is still of lot to do to get the basics right in terms of customer services, booking, ancillaries and refunds. Or it may be an opportunity to think different.

Airline customer service