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Another article connects the magic buzzwords (blockchain, web3, NFT, metaverse) with travel and mobility. Are there any real use cases behind them?

“in embracing progressive decentralization we’re going to open our proprietary source code to this large global integration partner”
? Opening the source code will enable many players to participate in an open platform that will benefit customers… as long it is open to more than one global partner

“Right now interlining is so outdated in how it’s being done”, “trustless network of airlines to participate in an interlining platform”
? Airline interline is outdated (it works at scale everyday with limitations), and NDC interline is not deployed yet. But is it related to blockchain? Airlines have a trusted framework to collaborate (the interline framework), but what about rail? And is the problem related to blockchain?

“Your NFT is no longer a fun character, it’s a smart contract.”
? The airline ticket is a contract between the customer and the airline. This contract today is not automated. Blockchain (smart contract) may be the technology to facilitate the automation (of fulfilment and settlement). This automation in the context of (multi-modal) interline is interesting. Stay tuned ?