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Week-end fun: ask OpenAI’s ChatGPT to “Explain why NDC is taking TMC so long to implement”. The AI-generated answer below, which was generated in 3 seconds, reads like human stuff. The release of this feature just comes days after our presentation about the state of AI and the potential use cases.

The ability to ask simple questions, although technical, and receive straight answers, as opposed to links to Wikipedia and million other sources, could change the game in web search. It could save a few comments on LinkedIn ?

“NDC is a complex and comprehensive new technology for the travel industry, so implementing it takes time. It involves making changes to a variety of systems and processes, from airline ticketing systems to back-office systems, as well as connecting with travel distribution networks and other third-party systems. All of these elements must be coordinated and integrated into a cohesive whole, which can take a significant amount of time and effort. Additionally, NDC involves a number of new standards and protocols that must be adopted and implemented, and those standards and protocols may differ from those used by TMCs. This further complicates the process and adds to the amount of time and effort necessary to implement NDC.” (Source: OpenAI)