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Thank you World Passenger Festival for having us on stage to present the many opportunities for travel in the blockchain / Web3 world and soon Metaverse ?

We kicked-off with the big picture: the evolution of the exchange of information in the past five millenium of mankind… in two minutes! Showing a major acceleration in the past 500 / 150 / 25 years.

We went through the iterations of the “Web”, remembering that 6 years after its launch the Web industry suffered a major “bubble” burst. It separated the viable players, like Google or Amazon, from the others. After the crisis, new players launched new business models, like Facebook or Spotify. It may be too early to judge the third iteration of the Web, or Web3.

We covered the growth and potential of Artificial Intelligence, from computer vision to natural language processing. Finally we looked at combining Web3 and AI into a new paradigm called “metaverse”. People will keep spending more time in the virtual worlds, which will have an impact on travel brands and their employees. For example, there is room to simplify connectivity between modes of transport.

We live in interesting times ?

If you’d like a copy of the presentation contact us at hello at threedot dot io