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Finnair is the first airline to announce a deadline for a 100% switch to a New Distribution Capability (NDC)

Finnair “challenge all industry players to join in the transformation”. If you work for an airline, why not joining?

✈️ All your content, available on your direct channels, can now sell through NDC
✈️ New products, from bundles to low fares to dynamic prices, are available only on NDC
✈️ NDC aggregators have connected your airline content with sellers (travel agents)
✈️ Incentives and surcharges are financial tools to support the shift
✈️ Managing both EDIFACT and NDC means double costs. The shorter the transition the better.
✈️ Your partners, for interline and codeshare, need to move to NDC with you

Exciting times: 10 years after the announcement of an idea, at the World Passenger Symposium in October 2011 in Singapore, the first airline – Finnair ? – announces a plan for 100% NDC ?