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Back in 2016 we asked Henry Harteveldt to survey airline commercial execs on the “future of airline distribution” by 2021. We are now in 2021, the report did not predict Covid, but what about the other trends?

  1. “Increased use of direct connect.” => Yes ?, including via NDC aggregators providing one API to multiple airlines”
  2. New generation of Revenue Management Systems” => Yes ?, partly thanks to Covid which made forecast based on history irrelevant
  3. “Inventory booking classes become irrelevant” => Not yet ?, but still on the radar for more marketing and partnership agility
  4. “New generation of PSS implemented” => Not yet ?, but great market expectations, more on this later
  5. “GDSs introduce a different commercial model” => Partly yes ?, with private channels due to surcharges✈️ Time to look into the future again? New gen of PSS, offer engine, order management, no booking class, relevant commercial models?

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