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Standing ovation (what else?) for Bertrand Piccard this morning at APG Network World Connect when explaining why nothing is impossible ☀️ Here are a few highlights:

? Impossible exists only in the mind of people who look at the past

? Within 50 years humans explored North Pole South Pole Everest and the moon. All was impossible before it was first achieved.

? The fuel is the limit not the sky.

? Let’s start a new cycle of aviation without carbon emissions

? Airbus and Boeing CEOs proved that Solar Impulse was impossible. No airline wanted to sponsor this new aircraft.

? A shipyard built the solar aircraft. They didn’t know it was impossible. They changed the equation from 1+1=0 to 1+1=3

? Flying a balloon is a philosophy. Change altitude if you want to catch the tailwind.

? The only option for airlines to be loved again is to have CO2 offset included in every flight ticket

? Between degrowth and unlimited growth, there is qualitative growth

Bertrand Piccard in Malta