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2022 marked the first full year of operations for Threedot – a consulting company founded in 2021, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, on the belief that air travel is force for good and with a purpose to help make air travel sustainable. Here are some highlights of Threedot’s 2022 results:


  • 20+ clients trusted Threedot for their projects
  • Clients are typically travel tech companies (50%) or a mix of travel industry players
  • Clients are medium size (45%) or startup (40%)
  • Clients are based in Europe (55%) and North America (45%)


  • NDC, payment and retailing strategies for airlines and travel agents
  • Growth strategy, product roadmap and corporate development for travel tech companies
  • Market research and due diligence for investors
  • Travel industry expertise and insights for management consulting firms


Our priorities for 2023:

  • Keep working with our current clients and deliver more value
  • Host a great event on airline retailing at FTE on 23-25 May… it’s free for airlines to attend ?
  • Expand in new territories, eg in sustainability and energy transition projects, and in more markets, eg Asia

If you have innovative projects in 2023, please contact us at